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Status report: 25!

January 16, 2012

As I mentioned last week, my work schedule is back to pre-xmas level, so my gaming-time is rather limited during the week. However, I do get to play on the weekend and early on during the week, and other than doing the Ilum-dailies with Cravon, my tank-specced JK Halenor just hit level 25 today, while on Nar Shadaa.

I have to say: It is STILL fun. Sure, having leveled through those zones before meant a few less surprises, as I already had seen what happened during the quests. However, of course, the JK-questline is still new to me, and it’s fun to watch what happens in that one.

Also, I am able to spend a bit more money on crew skill-missions and gear this time around, as Cravon earns quite a bit during the dailies, and some of the profit is then forwarded to Halenor. It sure was nice to get the speeder-training right away when he got to 25… I remember Cravon running until, I think, Tatooine (or was it Alderaan) because he simply didn’t have enough money… well, he did, but it was spend on training new spells and spell-levels and crafting-missions.

Having a tank-specced char is fun as well. It is a different playstyle, since I of course tank myself while Kira is the companion of choice. Once again, the companion-system shows its big benefit for learning roles… I get to practice holding threat on groups of mobs and single targets, competing for threat with Kira. Any new talent and spell helps a lot, because I now have some of the main threat-generators plus threat-increasing talents and a taunt, plus the insanely useful Guard-spell (which lowers the target’s threat and transfers some damage the target takes to me)

The quest bosses, so far, have not been any problem, and dieing only happens when for some reason I accidentially pull more than one group. Earlier today, in the Nar Shadaa factory, Kira accidentially pulled a gold star-level mob on top of a group of a strong- and two normal mobs.
Using my cooldowns, and the occasional potion, it’s rather easy though to endure even big attacks and wear down elite bosses, and it’s great to have a chance to practice generating threat while questing… putting it into my “muscle memory”.

  1. Trofim permalink

    are you going to do anything on Makeb?

    • Hi there, and thank you for asking. Unfortunately, I stopped playing SWTOR for quite some time (early in the game, after the whole Ilum-disaster and the disappearing unsub-button etc.).
      I am back now though, have played Makeb and am enjoying the Revan-expansion. Not sure whether I will do more blog Posts though =(

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