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Random thoughts on the 1.1 patch notes

January 16, 2012

Tomorrow, patch 1.1 will drop and, along with a new flashpoint and other new content, will bring us a bunch of bug-fixes as well.

Let’s go through a few of those patch-notes…
Before we do though, check out the list of additional changes for patch 1.1

In general

– It’s good to see that BW is dropping new content already. Very necessary as well, as new content is very important even early on. The game has been out for a month now, and many have leveled their first char to level 50, are doing the heroics and hard modes, their dailies on Ilum, but of course, want new content as well.

– The agenda “smaller content patches, but more often” is an interesting one and might just work. Sure, if you look at Blizz’s content-patch-schedule, there was half a year between 4.2 and 4.3, and by the time the latter brought the new Dragonsoul-raid, some people still were working on Firelands heroic (or normal). But more casual players (and non-raiders) or people who cleared Fireland very quickly were already waiting for new stuff, and you often get the “players taking a break until the new patch” phenomenom, which also might mean some WON’T come back.

– The storyline is centered around a new plague, transforming people into rakghouls

Frankly, even though I will not judge the whole storyline or the new content by the trailer, I feel a bit confused as this has a VERY strong Resident Evil-vibe to it =) Sure, Rakghouls are something a bit different than zombies, and have been in Kotor before, but the trailer really reminds me a lot of those RE-sequences…

“Kira Carsen

– Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to progress in Kira’s affection conversations. Players previously affected by this issue can now speak to Kira and progress normally.”

I am very glad to hear this, and it was a bit overdue, because companion progress matters to a lot of people, and several JKs are at level 50 already. They missed out on the “companion storyline” for Kira, and also on a lot of XP while leveling from the conversations with her. I assume though that the amount of time it took for it to be fixed (when other bugs were fixed in hotfixes) was caused by the problem being rather complicated.
I hope that people will now be able to access all the conversations they missed, instead of having to go through a reset of Kira’s affection-level (I doubt that will happen, otherwise it’d probably have been mentioned)

“- Corrected an issue that prevented recently completed Crew Skill missions from showing up in the next list of available missions.”

I am surprised this was considered a bug, I thought it was a normal game mechanic, but it’s nice that there will be a change. I read this as “OK, when you have sent your companion on a mission for, say, level 2 power crystals, and you get the kind you need for crafting, you can immediately send out a companion on the same mission to get more”. Am I getting this right?

“- The Summit: The difficulty of the encounter with Sidone has been reduced.”

This is kinda strange… SIdone was nerfed, yet no word on Stark? Don’t get me wrong, I like challenges, but according to what I saw in forums, and based on the logs of this very blog, a LOT of people seem to be struggling with it, and I am sure some are very frustrated with the difficulty of this fight. I don’t know if it is much easier for Shadows, but as a Sage, this is probably the hardest of the “questline bosses”, and I do think it SHOULD be nerfed. So I wonder why they make Sidone easier yet leave Stark alone.

I read somewhere (I dont remember) that the last boss of the JK-questline will be nerfed as it is pretty much undoable without at least 2 players now, which is not intended by Bioware. Now, I am rather sure that a LOT of Sages ask guildies for help with Stark, and so I think he is right up there on the list of bosses that should be nerfed. It’s hard to hit the golden middle, but there is a difference between “very hard, feels like a true achievement when you kill him” and “so hard it makes you wanna log out and quit playing for a bit as you can’t even get close no matter how hard you try, and you already have a repair bill of 24K”

“- Back Alley: Players now receive credit for defending the point with the turret.” (from the additional patch notes)

So glad to hear it is being fixed. On both my chars that leveled through Nar Shadaa, this one still is in their quest log as the quest simply didn’t complete no matter how often I tried.

“- Vivicar Awaits: Lowered the amount of enemies that attack the player during the step “Find a Way Past the Force Field.””

That is nice…I think, because I don’t remember struggling with them too much. What was MORE of a problem in Vivicar’s ship was a) erratic behaviour of my companion, who for some reason suddenly ran ahead and aggroed a whole room full of mobs and b) mobs running in (nice idea, sure), but much too late, so you have walked past the point where they stop running, THEN they run in, run by, and immediately aggro you without you being prepared. I hope those bits were fixed too.

” Corrected an issue that caused the indicator that a companion wants to talk to you to disappear.”

Nice to hear! I thought it was just a bug that had the icon appear without the companion wanting to talk, but apparently, it was the other way around. This will help, because at first, I rushed back to the ship, all the way from my quest area, just to see that icon disappear again, and for a while I thought my companion had this evil plan to drive me nuts…


As you can tell, my random thoughts were rather questing/Consular/JK/republic-based. Of course there is a lot more in those patch notes, but I focused on those that caught my attention right away…

I am personally looking forward the most to the fixes to Kira, especially because I am leveling a JK myself, and also, one of my good friends in The Sanctuary has often mentioned that she is bugged, and therefore has missed out on the companion progression, so both him and me will get to see that now, hopefully.
And I do hope that some other encounters will be nerfed, as the stats of this blog show me every day how many people are looking for help with Stark, and I know it must be quite frustrating to them, so I hope Bioware will nerf him at least a bit…


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