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Zone review: Corellia

January 11, 2012

I love the design of Corellia. It IS a bit repetitive, but you can tell the differences between the different city zones (check out the zoo for example), and its a subtle change, not like “OK, purple part of the town, here is the wacky magic-like part” or something. I love the mixture of futuristic city, industrial pollution and warzone. Guess I am a bit biased too because I like city zones a lot anyway.

The quests themselves are very nice, especially since you get that feeling or urgency…fighting the Imperials that have done the unthinkable, invading a core-world! On top of that, a very very essential part of the Sage-questline happens here, ending in a climatic battle, and that alone was…well, worth the prize of admission I guess =)

In general:
Corellia is another “classic world”, we have known the name for a long time. Its another place that I always tried to imagine, and I was not disappointed, as you really feel like you’re in a gigantic, slightly polluted city that has recently become a dangerous warzone. A nice place to end the storyline, right in the middle of the Galactic Core


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