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Replay value

January 10, 2012

Meet Halenor, my second char. Now that Cravon is level 50, I started working on building this alt, and he is already specced for tanking (Jedi Guardian, obviously).

Cravon of course is doing his dailies, runs heroics or FPs with friends and guildies, and I am working on gearing him some more. Once more of my guild-mates reach level 50, there will be more guild-activities, so he will see more use, but also, I wanted to level a tank too.

Why? Well, I do like all roles, whether it’s tanking, healing or DPSing. However, by now I enjoy DPS the least. I don’t know if I burned out on DPS in other MMOs, or whether it’s just that I simply enjoy both healing and tanking more… I have for a long time, and so it was obvious I’d roll a healer and a tank in SWTOR.

One thing that worried me before I actually tried the game was: “How is the replay value”. After all, the game kinda designates the order of planets you move through, and there aren’t alternatives there. In WOW, if you don’t wanna level, say, from 10-15 in Westfall, you head to Darkshore and Ashenvale, or Dun Morough or the Draenei zones. At the same time, Blizzard implemented their new “do this one quest, unlock one more, then do that, and you get 2 more, which you have to do in order to get the third” system with Cataclysm, and for many altoholics like myself, it sucked the fun out of replaying.

SWTOR is like that to a certain degree. If you start a Jedi, whether it’s a knight or a consular, you start in Tython, then it’s Coruscant. However, the main quest-line, your class-quest, is different every time. Sure, if you first level a Sage and then a Shadow (both Consulars), you will have the same class-quests, BUT: So far, I have enjoyed the heck out of leveling my second char, and it doesn’t feel like “Oh sigh…again…argh, level 50 pls hurry up”.

Sure, a lot of quests are the same, and the stuff that wasn’t as much fun the first time isn’t much better the next time. For example, I did not like questing in “The Works” on Coruscant that much, and was glad once I was through with that the second time.

However, of course I can now benefit from the experiences I made with Cravon… I can avoid certain mistakes (like putting more emphasis on gathering mats and leveling my crew skills, or keeping my companions geared), I know the “standard” quests and know what to do. But the different class-questline makes a BIG difference… it’s like a different story, a different movie, and it’s fun to watch. And just like the first time, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

And there are some differences too. With the Sage, right after being done in Coruscant, I was sent to Taris. With Halenor, I was sent to Ord Mantell (which is where I am right now), so it’s not quite as predictable as I thought… very nice.

It seems like BW actually put some thought into this, trying to make sure that it wouldn’t feel like “same old same old”…and I salute them for it. They did great on the leveling process itself, but making sure people wouldn’t be totally bored the second time around shows quite some foresight.

So… even though I can invest less time (due to work and the fact I wanna do stuff with my level 50), I am looking forward a lot to leveling the tank as well, and I am not worried about being bored…I am pretty sure there will be some surprises coming up soon =)

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