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How to beat Councillor Saiak and The First Son (the Sage-way)

January 10, 2012

I know I have been posting a lot of these guides recently, but according to my website statistics, apparently a lot of people look for them, too. There just isn’t as much info as you may be used to from other games around yet, and also, some of the comments and “how tos” I have seen were Shadow-centric, and therefore suggest other strategies than you would use as a Sage.

SPOILER ALERT: I will not mention details on the story behind the First Son or who he is. Still, if you really don’t even want any chance of it being spoiled, skip that part until you actually have to fight him and know more. =)

Here are two more from the Sage-questline. Let’s start with…

Councillor Saiak

Of course, part of the trick again is interrupting… that is an important thing to do almost ALWAYS, right? However, what is the key to this one is RANGE. Saiak has several AOE-attacks and you want Quyzen to be the only one to take that damage, so simply keep as much range as you possibly can while still being enough in range to heal your companion.
If you notice Saiak cast and you have a sec, TAB to target him and interrupt or stun.
As you can tell from the screenshot, I was actually able to do some damage in between, so it really wasn’t that tough

In a nutshell:
Recommended companion: Quyzen
What to watch out for: Step out of stuff on the ground and keep maximum range to that and the boss himself. So keep changing positions, and you will have plenty of time to heal Fess.
The First Son

This fight is one of the harder ones for sure. It still isn’t as tough as Stark (I guess it’s safe to say that that one is the hardest, at least for a sage) but this boss has about 60K health, which is about 30-40K more than the previous bosses. Also, he has a one-shot-ability which will kill you if you don’t stop him, AND puts quite a bit of damage on your companion… and did I mention his throwback-ability which will interrupt your casting if you’re too close?

Well, here we go:
Use a tank companion, and you will spend most (if not all) of your time healing that companion. I am talking constant healing, and no, you will hardly overheal. When I did it, there were several situations where I was praying for Force Armor to go off CD so I could cast it again and get my pet up to 100% (or at least close).
The boss will constantly cast stuff, abilities similar to yours: Disturbance, Telekinetic Throw etc. DOn’t bother interrupting those, because at some point, he will start casting a LONG cast. Even if you don’t have him targeted, you will know because the ground and everything else will begin to shake a lot.
When that happens, stop EVERYTHING you are doing, target him and spam your interrupt or stun to stop him. This cast will bring down the roof of the cave onto your head, which can deal something like 40K damage, so don’t let him finish. Interrupt as quickly as you can.
He will do this more than once, so you might have to use Channel The Force to reset your stun (the HoT it gives won’t hurt much either!).

You will probably take damage yourself, and if you do, you have to consider whether you wanna try to heal yourself back up or use a potion. The damage on you will be considerably less than that on your companion, so I got by with one potion, an occasional Rejuvenate and FA (all insta-casts). This fight will take a while, but if you interrupt his long cast and keep your pet healed up, you will be ok!

Recommended companion: Quyzen
What to watch out for: Heal a LOT. When he casts his long cast, when the ground shakes, TAB to target him IMMEDIATELY and spam your interrupt or stun.

  1. Luke permalink

    About resetting stun – Does Mind Snapworks? If so, then it should be much better than Stun… (15 sec cooldown vs 1 min of Stun).

  2. It does, and of course it has a shorter cooldown. However, if you pop “Channel The Force”, it resets your Stun, and therefore you have 2x Mind Snap and 2x Stun. I had to interrupt his quake-ability at LEAST 3-4 times. Mind Snap went off CD several times, so I used that mainly, but I like to have a Stun ready as well, as it gives you at least a little bit of breathing time to start casting a heal after interrupting.
    COnsidering the damage this guy puts onto your tank, every bit of healing you can do helps a lot, so that’s why I mixed Mind Snap and stunning him. CtF is my emergency cooldown, especially because of the long CD, and its HoT doesnt help THAT much, but I used it just for the sake of interrupting.
    Interrupting the quake is absolutely essential, while it also lowers incoming damage to interrupt some of his other casts if you do find the time to do so and wanna risk using one interrupt for it.

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