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A look back

January 10, 2012

Now that Cravon is level 50, it’s time to take a quick look back. I have to say that the time i have spent in game so far has been pretty much the most fun I had in gaming in a long time, especially when it comes to an MMO.

I loved leveling the Sage, for several reasons:
1. Yes, there are lowbie quests and boring clothes at first, but BW did an amazing job at making you feel powerful even early on.

2. This relates to the storyline as well, as you are given the feeling you really are some kind of Jedi-prodigy, working on this important, dangerous mission to fight a really tough villain.

3. The storytelling is great. I love how the class-questline leads you through those worlds as some kind of a red thread, and experiencing the story was almost like watching a movie or reading a book. When I had to take a break from playing, I felt anticipation to come back into game and see what happens next…it’s been quite some time since I felt that.

4. Even though of course a lot of things are borrowed from other games (let’s not get into that or how some other games took tons of stuff from their competitors or predecessors too), there are some fun new elements here…the companions, the way you work on crafting, the story-heavy flashpoints, etc.

5. I felt VERY immersed in the storyline, and I soon felt quite attached not only to my char, but also to my companions. Quyzen is the tough hunter with a simple, yet very honorable agenda, brave and fearless. Nadja is the young Force-sensitive finding her way, dealing with grief… and I could write about all of them at some point (and I will, too!), and it just amazed me how much you start to like and care about your companions.

6. A lot of the fights were fun as you had to (or could) use different strategies, different companions etc. Sometimes, you had to think or experiment to find out how to beat a boss, sometimes you had to pull very carefully or use all your abilities to stay alive.

There is SO much more I could say, but right now, I am happy at 50, am looking forward to another char, and am grateful I was able to experience this. So…once more, cheers everyone!

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